Issue 17

Route 57 is the University of Sheffield’s creative writing journal. 2021 will see the publication of our 17th issue. We’re inviting submissions to a special themed issue: Masks.

The special issue will explore masks as protective face coverings, as disguise, as transgressive, as ways of circumnavigating threats to the face, as playful tools for self-fashioning, as identity-switching and gender-transformative, as mode of defence against surveillance, as carnival head-dress to pique and seduce, as ritual embodiments for spiritual transubstantiation and border crossing, as theatrical props for the adoption of roles and routines, as transitional objects enabling engagements with the other.

The theme has been triggered by the Covid-19 crisis, of course: but links in culturally to a long tradition from the ancient Greek theatre to present whereby theatricality and costuming of the face combine to question the faces we construct when we enter the public sphere, asking us to challenge and test the layers of artifice and surface that structure the many forms identity take in the excessively mediatised world we live in.

This issue will be co-edited by Veronica Fibisan and Adam Piette. The journal is divided into sections, each of which has a staff editor and postgraduate editors.

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